15 great giveaway ideas for your next contest illustration

15 Great Giveaway Ideas for Your Next Contest

An easy and fun way to promote your business is to host a contest or giveaway on your social media accounts. Before you host a contest, make sure you have a great prize. Here are 15 giveaway ideas to get you started:

1.       Free Product

Your customers and potential customers will be thrilled to win a free product from you.

2.       New Product

Do you have a new product coming out that hasn’t been released yet? Give the product to your contest winner before anyone else can buy it. They can review it and encourage other people to buy it early.

3.       Product Collection

If you want to pamper your contest winner, give them an entire product collection.

4.       Customized Product

You can consider giving away a customized product, like adding a monogram to a jacket you sell.

5.       A Year’s Worth of a Product

Do you sell products that customers buy multiple times throughout the year? Offer a year’s worth of a product as your contest prize.

6.       Gift Card

Everybody likes a gift card. If someone wins a gift card to your store, it encourages them to make a larger purchase than they would have made otherwise.

7.       Gift Basket

Team up with other small businesses and put together a gift basket full of products.

8.       Themed Gift Basket

Instead of teaming up with other businesses, you can put together your own themed gift basket. If you’re a children’s store, for example, put together a summer basket, complete with a bathing suit and pails to use at the beach.

9.       Free Service

If you’re in the service industry, offer a free service, instead of a product.

10.  Upgraded Service

Consider giving away a free upgrade to a service.

11.  Related Products

Do you sell a service that may need products or tools to go with it? Offer a product related to your service. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, offer some gym gear.

12.  A Local Experience

Are you a local business? Give away a local experience – like concert tickets. Your contest winner will make great memories and will always associate your business with those memories.

13.  Charity Donation

Instead of giving something to your contest winner, donate to a charity of the winner’s choice. They’ll love to know you care about the causes they care about.

14.  Company T-Shirt

Put your logo on a t-shirt and give it away. The contest winner will be advertising for you every time they wear it.

15.  Beta Invitation

Are you a software or app company? Invite the contest winner to become a beta tester. They can help you make your program better.