truth in advertising

Truth in Advertising

When you begin a marketing campaign, make sure any ads are truthful – the best way to guarantee this is to be authentic and genuine in all your marketing strategies.

FTC Policy

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires all your ads to be truthful, not misleading, and backed by data – it doesn’t matter if you’re advertising online, on the radio, on television, in print, or on the side of a bus.

The FTC pays close attention to claims concerning food, over-the-counter drugs, dietary supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and high-tech products.

The FTC also prohibits the use of bait and switch advertising – offering one product (usually at a low price) when you have no intention of selling that product, but plan to sell customers another product, usually at a higher price.

Reviews & Endorsements

If you use influencer marketing, or otherwise share customer reviews, be careful how you present those reviews.

If you give someone something in return for their review (money or free products), you must disclose that information. You also want to disclose if the person reviewing your product has any connection to your company – whether they’re an employee or a relative of an employee.

Make sure your reviews are from people who have actually used the product. Your reviews should reflect the typical customer experience, not just the experiences of a few satisfied customers.

Be Authentic

To make sure that you’re following FTC policies, be authentic in all your marketing strategies.

Customers don’t only want to hear why your product is better than your competitors’; they also want to know the people behind the product. They want to know you and your employees, so share your story.

If you promise a certain experience, make sure you deliver on that experience, which will build strong relationships with your customers. If you don’t deliver on your promised experience, and a customer questions you about it, answer them, and be honest. The customer may be satisfied just knowing that you’re listening to them.

If you’re authentic in your marketing strategy, it will be easy to make sure you’re following FTC policies.