employees jumping and cheering

Boosting Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are happy and productive employees. According to Gallup, engaged employees are “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.” Having highly engaged employees will result in greater attendance, higher productivity, higher profitability, and lower employee turnover. Gallup concluded that businesses with engaged employees are twice as likely to be successful as businesses with disengaged employees. You obviously want your employees to be engaged, but only 33% of employees were engaged in the United States in 2016. So, how do you boost your employee engagement and keep your employees motivated and engaged?

Employees are engaged when they’re supported by the company, and when they feel like they’re contributing to the company’s overall goals. You can boost engagement by building a culture that prioritizes your employees and by planning events that put your employees at the center.

You can easily plan events that celebrate your employees without breaking the bank.


Parties make your employees feel like they’re the company’s top priority. You can plan annual summer or holiday parties to celebrate your employees and business’s successes during the year. For annual parties, make sure to invite your employees’ spouses or families to thank them for the support they offer your employees throughout the year.

You can also host smaller parties during the workday, such as a Halloween party or a Thanksgiving lunch.

Lunch and Learns

Hosting “lunch and learns” will bring your team together, while they learn more about industry trends or about the work other departments are doing. Have different departments host the lunches to share what they have been working on; this allows the company to learn more about their colleagues’ work, while celebrating their successes.

Keep lunch and learns short, sweet, and fun so that your employees look forward to them.

Games and Competitions

Everybody likes some friendly competition, so set up an office-wide ping-pong or cornhole tournament. You can also organize bake-offs or a company-wide fantasy football league.

Special Days

Special days, such as a “Bring Your Pet to Work Day”, “Bring Your Child to Work Day”, or pajama days, give your employees a change of pace and gives them something to look forward to besides punching the clock.

Sports Events

Choose a local baseball, basketball, or hockey game and invite your employees and their families.

Charity Days

Let your employees choose a charity and schedule a day during the workweek where the entire company volunteers. Your employees will be excited to work on something they’re passionate about. Charity days will also help foster a positive reputation of your company in your community.