woman giving her coworker a christmas gift

11 Gift Ideas for Your Coworkers

The holidays are here! You may want to buy some small gifts for your coworkers to let them know you appreciate them and enjoy working with them all year. But how do you know what to get them? You want each of your coworkers to know that you thought about them by giving them something personal.

First, decide who you’re giving a gift to. Are you giving gifts to the whole company, your team, or just the person you got in Secret Santa?

After you’ve decided who you’re buying for, determine your budget. Decide how much you’re going to spend for all gifts combined, and how much you’re going to spend on each individual gift.

After you know your budget, check out these 11 ideas:

  1. A custom keychain for the coworker who can never find their keys when it’s time to leave for the day.
  2. A custom nametag holder for the person who regularly leaves their nametag at home.
  3. Snazzy earbuds or stylish headphones for the person who’s always listening to music.
  4. A personalized coffee mug for the person who runs on coffee.
  5. A gift card to a local coffeehouse for the caffeine addict.
  6. An inspirational book for the person who’s ready to take their career to the next level.
  7. A small desk plant for the person who always complains about being stuck inside.
  8. A blanket for the coworker who is always freezing.
  9. A phone charger for the person who’s always complaining that their phone died.
  10. A notebook for the coworker who is always scrambling to find a piece of paper.
  11. An under-the-desk exercise machine for the person whose New Year’s resolution is to work out more often.

What are you giving your coworkers for the holidays this year?