You Need a Culture Deck

Do You Have a Culture Deck?

You might have put your company’s culture on the back burner because it doesn’t show up on your financial reports. Your culture, however, is the glue that holds your company together. Don’t neglect it. An easy way to focus on it and shape a strong culture is to create a culture deck.

A culture deck is a series of slides that use short phrases, images, and examples to describe your company’s culture and behavior. It gives your company a standardized vision, so everyone will quickly be able to make decisions that align with your goals. A culture deck will also remind your employees that your culture is more than just free food or a ping pong table in the breakroom.

Culture decks are used by some very successful companies, like Netflix and Hubspot, to introduce potential hires and new hires to their culture more quickly. Your potential hires and new hires will understand your culture more quickly, so they’ll be able to assess whether you’re the right fit. They won’t have to live the culture for a year before truly assessing whether they fit in your culture.

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What’s in a Culture Deck?

Every company’s culture deck is different. Yours should be a unique document developed by you and your leadership team. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t read other companies’ culture decks for inspiration.

You can use it to break down your mission, vision, company goals, hiring principals, and expectations. It can also include a list of must-do behaviors and never-do behaviors.

When your company is just starting out, and you’re still trying to shape your culture, it’s okay for your culture deck to be aspirational. It will help you make better hiring decisions and give your team something to aim for.

Once you’ve gotten a solid working deck, ask your current employees to contribute, too. With employee contribution, your culture deck will showcase your authentic culture.