graphic of employee gift ideas

17 Employee Gift Ideas Under $30

Your employees work hard to help you grow your business. Sometimes, you want to reward them with a small gift – it could be a holiday gift or a “Thanks for Being Awesome” gift.

Here are 17 gift ideas that won’t break the bank:

1. Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets will only cost you a few bucks, but there’s always the chance that one of your employees will hit it big, which will cause a lot of excitement around the office. Of course, if that happens, you run the risk of that employee not showing up to work tomorrow.

2. Gas Gift Card

Your employees spend a lot of money during the year on gas to and from work. Reward them for their hard work and dedication by paying for their gas for a week.

3. Restaurant Gift Card

If you know your employees’ favorite restaurants, give them each a gift card to their favorite one. Your employees will be able to enjoy their favorite meal on your dime.

4. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon has almost anything your employee would want. When you give your employees an Amazon gift card, they can buy anything from their favorite book to tools for their favorite hobby, and they’ll think of you when they use their new purchase.

5.           Grocery Gift Card

Everyone has to eat, and groceries can add up. Help your employees out by picking up part of their next grocery run.

6.           Movie Tickets

Movies are a great way to relax and unwind, but it’s getting more and more expensive to go see a movie in theaters. Give your employees movie tickets to unwind, without having to spend too much.

7.           Personalized Luggage Tag

If your employees travel a lot, either personally or for the company, a personalized luggage tag will help them snag their luggage quicker at baggage claim.

8.           Coffee Mug

When you buy your employees personalized coffee mugs, with their name or their favorite TV show on it, your employees will always have a coffee mug at work, and they’ll always know which one is theirs.

9.           Colorful Desk Accessories

Your employees sit at their desks all day, and they use office supplies all day. Give them colorful desk accessories to keep their desks organized, bright, and cheerful.

10.       Over-the-Seat Car Organizer

Cars can get messy quickly, especially if your employees have kids. Give them an over-the-seat car organizer to help their cars, and they’ll think of you every time they realize how clean their car stays.

11.       Business Card Holder

Ensure that your employees never lose their business cards again with a personalized business card holder.

12.       House Plant

House plants can liven up any area – from your employees’ homes to their offices. If your employees choose to keep their plants at work, the plants will keep the air cleaner, so your employees are sick less often – it’s a win-win.

13.       Personalized Notebook

Your employees take notes when they’re on the phone with clients or during meetings. Give them a personalized notebook, and they’ll never have to search for a scrap piece of paper again.

14.       Gym Membership

If your employees are trying to stay healthy and get in shape, give them a gym membership. You might not be able to afford to pay for a whole year, but you can pay for the first month or two to get your employees started. Talk to the gym and try to get a discount for employees who extend their membership.

15.       Cell Phone Power Bank

Cell phones have become a necessity, but they don’t do anyone any good if they aren’t charged. Give your employees a power bank to make sure their phones never die again.

16.       Headphones

Some people are more productive with music playing. Give your employees headphones so everyone can work with their favorite music, without disturbing anyone else.

17.       Chocolate

You can (almost) never go wrong with chocolate – it’s a simple, timeless gift that says, “Thank you for all your hard work.”