How to Choose the Right HR Software

Human resources (HR) covers everything related to your employees – from recruiting and training to communication. The right HR software can help you meet your staff’s needs while allowing you to comply with federal and local government regulations.

We know that choosing the perfect solution can be daunting, so we created this HR software selection guide to help you explore a few factors to consider when choosing the right HR system for your small business.

What does HR do?

The term “HR” might immediately invoke thoughts of benefits like health and life insurance – things your small business might not offer yet. But, HR is so much more than that. It also includes:

checkmarkRecruiting top talent
checkmark Onboarding new hires
checkmark Supervising the performance review process
checkmark Managing employee training
checkmark Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment
checkmark Handling communication between management and staff
checkmark Overseeing attendance and tracking hours worked

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