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How to Incorporate Wellness in the Workplace

Healthy employees are good for business – they’re more productive, show up to work more often, and visit the doctor less. Implementing a wellness program at your company will help your employees become healthier and happier. Your employees will also be more loyal to your business because they’ll know you care about them enough to invest in their health.

To motivate your employees to participate in a new wellness program, don’t focus on the benefits you’ll receive, but on the benefits they’ll receive by being healthier. They’ll save money by not going to the doctor as often, and they’ll have better self-esteem and lower levels of stress.

You may think that wellness programs will be expensive, because big companies, like Google, spend a lot of money on their wellness programs. However, you can easily implement a wellness program without spending a lot of money. Your wellness program should be tailored to your employees, so it can be as simple or as comprehensive as you need it to be.

An effective workplace wellness program should encourage and excite your employees, so before starting a program, ask your employees what they want. Send out an anonymous survey asking your employees what they need, so you know what’s most important to them – it might be losing weight, becoming more active, or quitting smoking. After you’ve learned what your employees want, you can implement a plan that focuses on the most popular health concerns in your office.

10 Easy Wellness Programs Ideas to Get You Started

 1. Host a weekly onsite exercise class.

Offer a weekly yoga, aerobic, or other exercise class at the office once a week. This will allow your employees the opportunity to be more active without investing their own money in equipment or a gym membership.

 2. Host exercise clubs.

If several of your employees like to walk, set up a walking club where employees can get together during breaks or outside of work to walk together. This will build comradery and create accountability.

 3. Create walking paths around the building.

Establish an area around your building for employees to walk during their breaks.

 4. Offer discounts to the local gym.

Talk to the gym closest to your office and ask if they can offer a discount to your employees.

 5. Hold a weight loss contest.

If several of your employees are trying to lose weight, set up a weight loss challenge. You can offer a small prize for the winner or have everyone pay a small entry-fee, where the winner takes all.

 6. Stock the refrigerator with water bottles.

Staying hydrated is important to staying healthy, so make sure your employees have access to plenty of water.

 7. Fill the vending machines with healthy snacks.

If your employees have easy access to healthy snacks, they’ll grab those instead of an unhealthy snack. Replace the sugary, unhealthy snacks in your vending machine with low-calorie, healthy snacks. If you don’t have a vending machine, consider putting some healthy snacks in the breakroom.

 8. Place plants around the office.

Stuffy offices can cause your employees to get sick or stay sick, so consider placing a few plants around the office. They’ll produce clean oxygen, which will help your employees stay healthier.

 9. Offer flexible work schedules.

Employees like to have a good work-life balance, which can improve their stress-levels. If you’re able to, consider offering your employees flexible schedules that work with their lives – maybe they have to come in late to bring their children to school or leave early to take care of someone in their household. You can also consider allowing them to occasionally work from home. Having the ability to work their personal lives into their work schedules will relieve stress and tension.

 10. Make your office pet-friendly.

Pets have been proven to lower stress-levels. Allow your employees to have a fish tank on their desks or have a company fish tank in the office. The sound of the water will also help your employees feel less stressed. Host an annual “Bring Your Pet to Work Day” to give your employees something to look forward to.