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9 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Part-Time Employees

It’s a lot easier for a part-time employee to walk away from a job than a full-time employee. How can you motivate your part-time employees so they want to stick around? Try these nine simple ways (that won’t break the bank).

1.    Offer Benefits

Most part-time employees don’t expect to get any benefits. Surprise them by offering some benefits. You don’t have to offer the same benefits you offer to full-time employees, but you can choose a few benefits that won’t break the bank – like continuing education opportunities, basic dental insurance, etc.

2.    Give Employee Discounts

If you’re a retail store, chances are your part-time employees work for you because they already shopped in your store. Reward them by giving them a generous employee discount.

3.    Celebrate Milestones

Because part-time employees aren’t around as much as full-time employees, it can be easy to forget important milestones. Show your part-time employees you care by celebrating their big milestones – like work anniversaries and birthdays.

You don’t have to do anything big – just showing you remembered and care will go a long way. You can bring in cupcakes, give them a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or give them a card signed by all their coworkers.

4.    Get to Know Them

Spend time getting to know your part-time employees. Learn what makes them tick, their hobbies, and where they want to go with their career. Once you know them better, you’ll know how to best motivate them, individually.

5.    Encourage Friendships

Your full-time employees might look down on your part-time employees. Make sure that your employees know that everyone is valuable to the company and contributing to your company’s success.

Introduce your part-time employees to all the full-time employees and give them opportunities to build friendships. You could match each part-time employee with a full-time employee as a buddy, so your part-time employees know that they are important.

6.    Be Flexible

Many of your part-time employees may be part-time because they have demanding schedules outside of work. Be as flexible as possible to work around their appointments, classes, and other schedules. When possible, give them their preferred shifts.

7.    Listen

Just because an employee is part-time, doesn’t mean that their ideas and input aren’t important. Make sure to listen to any opinions and suggestions your part-time employees offer. Otherwise, you might be missing out on something great.

8.    Provide New Challenges

Part-time employees are looking for new challenges, just like full-time employees. Give them opportunities to tackle new challenges and continuing education. You can give them to a different part of the store or give them a new project to work on.

9.    Appreciate Them

Make sure to show your part-time employees know that you appreciate their hard work. Simply saying, “Thank you,” will go a long way.