What is Point-of-Sale

What is Point-Of-Sale?

Point-of-sale (usually referred to as POS) is the place where your customers pay you for products and services. It’s the combination of software and hardware necessary to complete a transaction.

With a POS system, you and your employees will be able to handle every step necessary to complete a transaction with a customer – from adding a product or service and telling the customer how much their order will be, to accepting the payment or issuing a refund (if necessary).

Cloud-Based POS Systems

POS systems used to be clunky and expensive. The POS company would come out to your store to install the software and teach you how to use it, and the cash register was huge and took over your whole counter.

Not anymore. Now, you can purchase cloud-based POS software. These systems are completely online, so you can install them yourself on a tablet that you already have.

They’re compatible with any POS hardware you might need – cash drawers, receipt printers, and credit card readers.

And, they are a lot easier to learn how to use. When you first purchase a cloud-based POS system, you don’t have to schedule time for a representative from the company to come out and teach you to use it – which takes a lot of time and can cost you a lot of money. Instead, you can learn it quickly and call customer support if you have any questions.

Because it’s easier to learn, you won’t have to spend weeks training your staff, either. You can teach your team how to use it in minutes, then work with them one afternoon to make sure they don’t have any questions.

Since cloud-based POS systems are online, you can easily take them with you if you’re selling at a flea market or tradeshow. It’s now crucial to be able to accept credit cards anywhere, since almost no one carries cash anymore.