Ted Talks every entrepreneur should watch

5 TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

When you’re first starting your business, you probably spend a lot of time on Google trying to find answers to your questions. There’s a lot of information out there for new entrepreneurs, and it can be overwhelming. But, have you ever watched TED Talks to help you out?

TED wants to spread ideas through short, powerful talks. Most of the talks are 18 minutes long or shorter, so you can squeeze one in between meetings or at lunch. TED Talks cover anything from science to business to global issues (and are all completely free). If you want to learn more about a topic, there’s probably a Talk on it! Watching a video about a topic can be less overwhelming than reading dozens of articles about the same topic.

If you don’t know where to start, check out these five TED Talks that every entrepreneur should watch.

1.    Paul Tasner: How I became an entrepreneur at 66

It’s never too late to start your company, and Paul Tasner is proof of that. He shares why it’s important to find your passion and run with it. He also reminds you that there are tons of resources available for entrepreneurs of all ages.

If you think that it’s too late for you to start your own business, let Paul Tasner inspire and encourage you!

2.    Casey Brown: Know your worth, and then ask for it

Casey Brown starts by telling you something you probably already know – people will only pay you what they think you’re worth. She goes beyond that, however, and shares how you can control what people think you’re worth by clearly communicating your value. It might be awkward at first because it feels like bragging, but Casey Brown will help you move past that feeling and ask for what you’re worth.

3.    Jia Jiang: What I learned from 100 days of rejection

Jia Jiang used to be paralyzed by his fear of rejection, and it stopped him from following his dreams. When he started purposely looking for ways to be rejected each day, his whole perspective changed. Jia Jiang shares what he’s learned about letting your reaction to rejection define you so that you have the courage to try anything.

4.    Bill Gross: The single biggest reason why startups succeed

In his TED Talk, Bill Gross shares what he’s learned about why some small businesses succeed and others fail. He knew that the idea, the team, the path to generating revenue, the funding, and the timing were all important. But, he was surprised to find that the timing of starting a new business is the most important part. He shares what he’s learned and how it can help new small businesses.

5.    Scott Dinsmore: How to find work you love

According to Deloitte, 80% of people don’t enjoy their work. Scott Dinsmore didn’t like that, so he set out on a mission to find work he loved to do. He found that you can find your passion through a three-part framework:

  1. becoming a self-expert and understanding yourself,
  2. knowing what your decision-making hierarchy is, and
  3. reflecting on your experiences.

Scott Dinsmore will help you discover that your passion is in your control so that you start a business doing something you’re truly passionate about.