small business employees work in an open office

4 Tips for Matching Your Workplace to Your Culture

Your company culture shapes every part of the workday – from relationships to processes. But, does your culture affect your workplace? It’s important that your office or store reflects your culture so you’re not sending mixed messages to your current or potential employees. These four simple tips can help you create an environment that your team enjoys:

1. Paint the walls

It may seem far-fetched at first, but studies show that the color of the walls in your workplace influence productivity. So, if your walls are currently gray or beige, it might be time to change that. To inspire creativity in your employees, consider painting your walls a bright color like yellow. If calm and focus are what you need most, choose a cool color like blue.

To really bring your culture to life, you might paint motivational sayings, your company’s mission statement, or a mural reflecting your small business’s history on the wall.

2. Encourage personalization

The objects your employees keep on their desk say a lot about what they value and how they interact with your culture. If your company boasts that you’re like a family, then your team will likely display pictures of their families, and coworkers. They might even exhibit souvenirs that coworkers picked up when traveling.

3. Revamp the conference rooms

Conference rooms and meeting spaces are critical for collaboration, so think about how you want meetings to be run. Then, consider the current state of your conference rooms and see if they match. If you value innovation and creativity, then arrange the area up in a way that encourages everyone to brainstorm and contribute.

4. Incorporate health

If you want to embrace mental wellbeing, make sure there’s a place where your employees can go for a few minutes when they’re stressed. To promote a healthy lifestyle, try stocking the breakroom with healthful snacks or installing standing desk attachments. Learn more about implementing a wellness program at your small business.