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3 Ways Technology Can Simplify Travel Expense Management

If your staff goes to trade shows or on client visits, you need to track and manage travel expenses and keep up with things like mileage, dinners, and room accommodations. By keeping reports of these expenses, you have a clear view of where your team is spending money. Expense tracking handled by paper or spreadsheets can be time-consuming and clunky. But managing travel expenses can be made much simpler when you decide to use technology.

1. Conveniently submit expenses

Expense management software allows your employees to submit travel expenses from any device connected to the internet, including their smartphones, and at any time – like at the airport before their flight home. By entering their expenses before getting back to the office, they won’t have to spend valuable time filling out an expense report when they get back.

2. Easily access data

With paper expense reports, you have to dig through mountains of paperwork and piles of receipts to find specific expense information. With expense management software, everything will be in one place, so you can quickly view what and whom you’re paying.

Your staff can even submit copies of their receipts electronically, so all relevant information about the expense is located in one place.

3. Speed up reimbursements

If you fully explain your travel policy to your employees, it will be easier for them to follow your guidelines. You’ll then be able to review and approve or deny the request in seconds. If you choose an expense management system that’s integrated with payroll software, like Workful, approved reimbursements will automatically be added to your next payroll run, so you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to reimburse a worker.

Not sure what to include in your policy? Learn how to write an effective expense policy.

Simplify with Workful

You can save time and simplify travel expense management with Workful’s all-in-one payroll, HR, and timesheet solution. Your team members can

  • upload copies of their receipts
  • keep track of personal expenses
  • submit expense requests from anywhere through Workful’s website or app

You’ll be able to

  • review and approve requests from any device with an internet connection
  • automatically include reimbursements in your team’s paychecks
  • delegate expense approvals to another member of your staff

Workful will help you reduce reimbursement turnaround time and make it easier than ever to manage expense and mileage reports. Request a demo today to find out if Workful is right for your small business.