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7 Reasons You Should Take a Vacation

You can probably think of a thousand reasons not to take a vacation. There’s always something that needs to be done to grow your business. Not taking a vacation, however, could be harming your business.

When you’re used to working on your business 24/7, it can be difficult to adjust to the idea that you need a vacation. Treat your vacation like any other important meeting – put it on your calendar and don’t let anything else get in the way. Once you’re on vacation, make sure you stay away from work – turn off your phone, don’t check your email, and only let one person be allowed to call you in case of emergency.

Your business can’t afford for you not to take a vacation. Here are seven reasons you need to take a vacation:

1. Prevent Burn Out & Reduce Stress

When you work constantly, you’ll start to slow down and become less productive. Even if you think you’re being as productive as ever, you’ll start delivering poor quality work, which will stress you out.

Taking a vacation gives you a break, so you’ll come back more productive and less stressed – ready to deliver your best work.

2. Improve Your Health

Stress can take a toll on your health. Vacations lower your anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure. By taking vacations, you’ll lower your risk of stress-induced heart disease.

3. Come Back Happy & Refreshed

You’ll start to feel the effects of a vacation as soon as you schedule it. You’ll be happier because you have something to look forward to. That feeling of happiness will continue after you’ve come back from vacation.

You’ll come back from vacation with renewed energy and a fresh perspective so you can better tackle problems. Your vacation will give you time to mull over problems your business has faced and think about what you’ve accomplished during the past year. When you come back, you’ll have new ideas about how to diminish those problems and how to grow in the year to come.

4. Find Your Inspiration

When you’re on vacation, your creative juices are flowing. You’ll come back with a new product idea or a new marketing strategy because you’ve had the opportunity to talk to strangers, try new things, and learn something new.

5. Improve Your Skills

When you’re relaxed, your brain focuses on essential, boring tasks. Even when you’re lying on the beach, your brain will be working on skills you’ve learned recently. You’ll have time to process new information. Even though you’re not working, you’ll come back in tiptop shape.

6. Learn to Delegate

Your company is your baby, and it can be hard to let go of some aspects of it. When you leave the office, you’ll be forced to delegate some of your responsibilities to your employees. Your employees will gain new confidence, improve their skills, and know that you trust them.

7. Lead by Example

Your employees need a vacation, too. They’ll follow your lead – if you’re not scheduling time for vacations, they won’t either. Take a vacation so your employees know it’s okay to take one.

When you’re on vacation, don’t answer work emails or phone calls. If you’re still working during your vacation, your employees will think they should work on their vacation. This can lead to unnecessary burn out. If you don’t work during your vacation, your employees will know it’s okay to leave work at work.