How to Get Your Employees to Buy Into Your Culture

4 Ways to Get Your Employees to Buy into Your Culture

Your employees want to feel connected to your company, and you want your employees to be engaged at work. Making sure your employees buy into your culture can help you and your employees get what you want.

When your employees buy into your company culture, they might not agree with every decision you make, but they will agree with the company’s vision. So, when you do make a change, they’ll be on board, if they think the business is still headed in the right direction.

How do you get your employees to buy into your culture?

1. Know Your Purpose

It will be hard for your employees to buy into the culture if they don’t know the purpose of the business. Yes, you want to be profitable, but what’s your greater purpose?

Figure out the why of your company, then share it with your employees through your mission statement and company values. If your employees align with your values and connect with your mission statement, they’ll feel like the work they’re doing is making a difference in the company and in your community.

2. Be Clear

When you’re creating your company’s values, make them clear and actionable. For example, if one of your values is “To Act with Integrity”, define what that looks like in your company. Everyone might have a slightly different idea of what integrity looks like, so spell it out.

It will be easier for your employees to buy into your values if you tell them exactly what those values look like in action.

3. Get to Know Your Employees

Your employees won’t buy into your culture if you just tell them what it is. Get them involved in the process by getting to know them – What makes them tick? What do they value most in life? What motivates them?

You can get to know your employees by spending time with them; spend time in the office or in the store working alongside your employees. While you’re there, ask them questions – not just about work, but about their lives.

Your employees will start to feel more comfortable around you and realize they’re a valued member of the team.

4. Live It Out

You’re a part of your company’s team, too, so live out your culture, mission and values daily. Your employees will follow your example.