Small business owner contemplating his HR software choices

Choosing the Best HR Software for your Small Business

Whether you’re looking to solve an existing problem with employee time tracking or to prepare for an upcoming season of onboarding new hires, there are a number of factors to consider as you search for the right HR software.

Here are some questions to think about if you’re a small business owner or operator who is in the market for HR software:

What do I really need my HR software to do?

Among the options to consider are a human resources management system (HRM) or a human capital management system (HCM). While these offerings do have some overlap in terms of features, there are many differences that could affect your business. Identify whether you need your system for management purposes (to track employees so that you can report to the appropriate labor bureaus) or employee use (so they can change their withholdings and banking or contact information). Make note of any processes you hope a system can perform and any features you may desire before reaching out to companies that offer HR software for small businesses.

Who will use the HR system?

Some companies only allow their internal HR team to engage with a system. Others empower their employees to log in, set up direct deposits, update contact information and more. Besides increasing efficiencies, there are a number of benefits to allowing employees access rather than routing all requests through an HR representative.

But, whichever route you choose, be sure the users you have in mind will get the most out of the system you adopt.

How much does an HR system cost?

The cost and implementation time of an HR system are just as important as the advantages the software will provide you and/or your employees. As you seek the right solution for your small business, keep an eye on costs. Some systems charge a flat fee per user per month. Others you may purchase outright.

Get a solid grasp on what features are standard, as well. That could affect pricing now or after an introductory period. It’s not uncommon for some advertised features to actually be add-ons that come at an extra charge.

A detailed understanding of a system’s complete functionality will streamline your search and help you choose the right solution.

What does Workful offer for my small business?

Track time with ease. Onboard new hires efficiently. Store and share documents with employees without any hassles. Workful’s small business management solution lets you combine human resources and payroll duties so you can focus on growing rather than micro-managing your business. Enjoy a free 30-day trial that gives you access to all of Workful’s features from a single, easy-to-use platform.