person searching google on a tablet

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are an easy way to share relevant and fresh content directly with people searching for you on Google. According to Google,

“This enhanced format allows searchers to hear directly from the primary source – you – and complements existing results across the web.”

Google originally created Posts for 2016 Presidential candidates, but now that that race is over, Posts are becoming available for small businesses to use.

Google Posts are already optimized to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs), so you don’t have to worry about them getting lost in the crowd. You can use images, videos, text, and even GIFs to grab consumers’ attention in new ways. Google even lets you add call-to-action buttons and links inside the Posts, so you can send consumers to specific parts of your website.

How do I create a Google Post?

Creating a Google Post is quick:

1. Log into your Google My Business
2. Go to the “Posts” area on the left-side of the dashboard.
3. Add a new post.

It’s that easy!

How can I use Google Posts?

You can use Google Posts to help grow your business. Because you can use videos, text, pictures, and GIFs, you can use Google Posts to:

  • highlight sales and promotions,
  • share pictures of your most popular products or menu items,
  • share daily specials,
  • promote an upcoming event,
  • take reservations,
  • encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter, or
  • sell products directly through Google.

Google Posts aren’t designed to help you create ads that spam consumers, but are intended to help you share news about your business. To help with this, Posts only last 7 days, so your consumers will always be able to view new, fresh content. If you’re promoting an upcoming event, Google will keep the Post up until after the event, so you can start promoting it more than a week before.