The Best & Worst Excuses for Missing Work

The Best & Worst Excuses for Missing Work

Sometimes, you just can’t bring yourself to go to work – you might be sick, have an appointment, or just need a break. If your company has a paid time off (PTO) policy, you might not have to give a reason – maybe you just need to give a week’s notice. But, you still feel like you need an excuse for missing work, just in case.

Time Off by the Numbers

Career Builderdid some research into excuses for missing work:

  • 40% of employees have called in sick in the past year when they weren’t sick.
  • 28% of employees have a PTO policy, but still feel the need to share an excuse for missing work.
  • Over 33% of employees have come to work sick so they can save their sick days for when they aren’t sick but want a day off.
  • 43% of employers have caught an employee lying about being sick by checking their social media accounts.

The Best Excuses

If you’re going to miss work, tell the truth. Even if you’re using a “good” excuse, getting caught in a lie could cost you your job. There’s always a chance that your boss will check on you to see if you’re lying, so play it safe and tell the truth.

If you know you’re going to miss work (for example, if you have a doctor’s appointment), give your boss as much notice as possible. If you’re scheduling your time off, you usually won’t have to give an excuse at all.

If you’re calling in today, you’ll probably have to tell your boss why you’re missing work. But, keep your excuse short and sweet. You don’t need to tell your boss your entire life’s story just to say, “My car broke down, and I can’t find another ride.” The more information you give your boss, the more they’ll think you’re lying, and the better chances you have that they’ll check in on you.

If you do have to give a reason for missing work, what are some of the best reasons?

  1. You’re experiencing major car problems.
  2. You have a doctor’s appointment.
  3. Your kid has a doctor’s appointment.
  4. You’re sick.
  5. Your kid is sick.
  6. A pipe burst, and your house is flooded.
  7. Your kid’s school closed unexpectedly.
  8. Your babysitter cancelled, and you can’t find anyone else to watch your kid.
  9. There’s a death in your family.
  10. You have food poisoning.

The Worst Excuses

There are also some excuses you should always avoid, even if the excuse is true. CareerBuilder talked to managers who have actually heard some of these excuses:

  1. A bear is in your yard, and you’re afraid to leave the house.
  2. You ate the toothpick in your food at a restaurant.
  3. Your uniform doesn’t fit.
  4. There’s not enough gas in your car.
  5. Your dog ate your car keys.
  6. Your artificial nails fell off, so you have to get a manicure.
  7. Your roots are showing, and you can’t come in looking like that.
  8. You got arrested.
  9. You’re hungover.
  10. You stubbed your toe.

What’s the weirdest excuse you’ve ever heard for missing work?

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