Woman receiving a promotion at work

9 Signs Your Employee is Ready for a Promotion

You have an outstanding employee. They get their work done on time (or early) and without complaint. They eagerly pick up extra work. But, are they ready for a promotion?

Check out these 9 signs that it’s time to reward them with a promotion.

1. They’re Asking for More & More Responsibilities

If your employee is regularly asking for more responsibilities and to be added to new projects (especially if they’re seeing the projects through to the end), then it might be time to promote them.

Take a look at the work they’ve been doing lately and promote them based on what they’ve excelled out.

2. They’re Great with People

You can teach most skills, but it’s hard to teach soft skills. Watch how they give feedback (especially if the feedback has to be critical) and pay attention to how they deal with conflict. If your employee is great at dealing with these situations, they’ll probably be a great leader.

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3. They Ask for It

If your employee has asked for a promotion, that shows that they’re ready for it. Especially, if they’ve come to you with an idea of what that promotion would look like and how their current skills would fit into the new role.

4. They Think About the Company

Everyone in your company is making decisions every day, but how are they making those decisions? If someone is making decisions based on the company’s goals and direction, then it might be smart to promote them. They have the company’s best interest in mind.

If, however, someone is only thinking about themselves when making a decision, then they’re not quite ready for a promotion.

5. They Don’t Shut Down After Making a Mistake

As the old saying goes, “Pobody’s nerfect.” And the same is true for your star employee. They might not excel at every new project they take on, but how do they handle obstacles and mistakes?

If they completely shut down and give up, they’re not ready for a promotion. If, however, they ask for help and learn from their mistakes, then they can go far!

6. They’re Already Doing Some of the Job

As your employee has taken on more responsibilities, have they taken some of the duties they would be doing if they were promoted? If they are, great! They’ve been eased into the new position and can hit the ground running.

7. They’re Willing to Stay Late to Get the Job Done

Now, I’m not advocating that you only promote people who work late all the time. But, if you notice that someone is willing to stay late to get an important project done on time, consider promoting them. (Unless, of course, they’re only staying late because they procrastinated in the beginning.)

By staying late, they’re showing that they are more than willing to go above and beyond for the company.

8. They Actively Want Their Peers to Succeed

Pay attention to how your employee interacts with their peers. If your employee is doing everything they can to help their peers succeed, then they probably have some natural leadership skills and will have their peers’ respect if promoted.

9. They Manage Themselves

You don’t want to promote someone who always waits until they’re told what to do. Instead, promote someone who takes the next step without being told and always finds productive, meaningful ways to fill their days.

What about you? How do you know when an employee is ready for a promotion?