7 Signs Your Employee is Ready for a Promotion

Woman receiving a promotion at work

You’re regularly impressed that one of your team members gets their work done on time (or early), exceeds your expectations, and is always willing to pick up new tasks. They might be ready to advance in their career. If you’re not sure, keep reading to learn seven signs it’s time to give your worker a promotion. 

1. They want more responsibility 

If your staff member regularly asks for new challenges or to be added to a new project, they’re probably ready to take their job to the next level. Look at their recent work and consider moving them to a position that will challenge them to expand on their top skills.   

2. They’re great with people 

It can be challenging to teach the soft skills required to be a good manager. To see how your worker would be in a management situation, watch how they give feedback and deal with conflict. If they’re great at dealing with these situations, they’ll probably make an excellent leader.  

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3. They ask for a promotion 

Not everyone who asks for a promotion is ready for one. But, if your team member has specific ideas about what role they want to take on and how their current skills will transfer, then it might be time to help them grow in their career. 

4. They think about what’s right for the company 

In a small business, everyone is making decisions every day. If someone is making decisions based on your company’s goals and vision for the future, it’s probably a good idea to promote them because they have your business’s best interest in mind.  

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5. They own up to their mistakes  

Everyone makes mistakes. The biggest thing to consider is how your staff member handles their errors. If they’re willing to confess to their blunder and can learn from it to prevent it from happening in the future, they’re likely ready for career advancement.   

6. They’re already doing the job  

As your employee has taken on more responsibilities, they’ve probably taken on some of the duties that they would be doing if they got promoted. Make sure they get the credit they deserve by officially giving them their new role. 

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7. They manage themselves 

You don’t want to promote someone who always waits until they’re told what to do. Instead, promote the person who takes the next step without being told and always finds productive, meaningful ways to fill their days. 

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