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Time Tracking

Employees will clock in and out from the Employee Portal or Mobile app. Someone miss a punch? They can submit the correct time stamp in the app for your approval.

You'll save time by synching their timesheets right into the payroll run. Half a day just turned into half a minute.

Onboard New Hires

Invite your employees to Workful, and they can sign up and share their information quickly and easily.

You'll spend less time filling out paperwork and more time showing your new employees around and growing your business.

Store & Share Documents

Hired a new employee? Share forms to fill out before they ever walk in the door. Updated your employee handbook? Share it with all your employees with one click.

With the document warehouse, quickly and easily share forms, files, and documents with your employees.

Workful makes it easy to manage your business.

In the small business world, with all its complexities, Workful takes the critical tasks and makes them easy.

Manage Time Off

Set time off policies for each of your employees and Workful HR will do the work for you. Workful will recalculate each employees’ available time off after each payroll run. All you have to do is review and approve time off requests – which literally takes only seconds.

Your employees can punch in and out on their phone, so it’s just as easy for them as for you. You can track their time worked, make adjustments, and minimize errors.

Communicate with Your Team

Send notifications to all your employees to keep them up-to-date, with just a click of a button. You’ll be notified anytime an employee changes their personal information or shares a file with you, so you can review it quickly and get back to work.

Report & Track Expenses

Your employees can quickly and easily create and submit expense reports with Workful’s employee mobile app.

You’ll be notified each time an expense report is submitted, so you can review the expense report and reimburse your team quickly on the next payroll run.

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