Internal Communication Tool

Communicate with your team!

From emails to memos to hand-written notes, you share information with your employees in many different ways. Workful makes it easy to communicate with your team effectively, efficiently, and all in one place.

Send Notifications

Announcing a new team member or planning a company outing? Need to share a message with just a single department or team lead? With Workful, you can send notifications to an individual, a group, or to your whole staff at once. And if an employee has asked for time off or submitted an expense, they’ll be notified automatically when their request is approved, saving both of you valuable time.

Screenshot of Workful Notifications
Screenshot of Workful Share Documents

Upload Documents

From new-employee handbooks to company policies and guidelines, Workful lets you easily share important documents with anyone and everyone on your team. With the click of a mouse, you choose which employees can see which documents. Those items are then saved to their “Document Warehouse,” so your employee can access them anytime. With everything stored in one place, no one will need to search through emails or remember where individual documents are saved!

Share Important Dates

Make sure everyone on your team stays in the loop and up to date. Keep a shared calendar of important items like holidays, paydays, and company events for all to see. Make your calendar as detailed as you’d like. Add employee birthdays, work anniversaries, and even important dates in your company’s history just for fun.

Workful Share Important Dates

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