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Run Payroll

Workful pulls hours and PTO from your employees’ time clocks, so you know your payroll is correct every time. Workful calculates year-to-date earnings, deductions, and taxes each payroll run. You can run payroll in minutes, so you can get back to business faster.

Create and View Reports

View, print, and create payroll reports detailing your employees’ total hours worked, your tax liability, and your federal and state unemployment insurance liability. You’ll spend less time calculating your tax liability, and more time growing.

Workful makes it easy to manage your business.

In the small business world, with all its complexities, Workful takes the critical tasks and makes them easy.

File Federal and State Forms

Workful tracks your federal and state taxes every time your run payroll. When it’s time to file your state and federal tax forms – do it with just the click of a button.

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